CanBus vs CanBus. Honda vs Harley.

CanBus is CanBus, right? Only on paper. So what is the difference? We made this easy. In one picture. In the above pic, you see all the accessory lighting items that Honda offers for the 2018+ Goldwing circled in red. Now we have taken out anything that Honda added a specific circuit or connector for; […]

Honda GL1800 (01-17) Bulb Adapters

So we have discovered that Honda has updated the little adapter your H7 headlight bulb plugs into. The one on the left in the picture is a brand new, unused old style. The one in the center is a burned up unit. Notice the discoloration of the left terminal. The customer was commenting that his […]

2018 Honda Goldwing. Not Plug & Play.

So we had been holding off from releasing certain items for the new bike until we could review the ETM and schematics for the bike.  After doing so, we have determined that Electrical Connection will not make items that plug and play into the factory wiring where the accessory will draw power from the factory […]

Know your fuses. Don’t blow it.

Seems like every time I turn around, there is some new type of fuse. We are going to focus on the ones most commonly used in the powersports industry. Maxi. Used as the main fuse between the battery and the fuse box or large drain devices. ATC. Was the industry standard. Is losing favor to […]

Honda GL1800 Rear Harness Grounds

As any motorcycle ages, design defects begin to show.  Things the manufacturer can’t simulate in a few years of testing. One of those are 2 ground wires on the GL1800.  The first one is up behind the left fairing pocket.  The one we are going to discuss is the rear light feed. If your bike […]

Motorcycle Wire Color Codes

DISCLAIMER. Let’s get this out of the way, right meow. This listing is a GUIDE. If you don’t check before you connect, please list all your tools for sale on Craigslist. Check it before you wreck it!   BMW note – BMW is all over the map on tail and brake.  Especially on single wire […]