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Motorcycle Wire Color Codes

Let’s get this out of the way, right meow.
This listing is a GUIDE.
If you don’t check before you connect, please list all your tools for sale on Craigslist.
Check it before you wreck it!


note – BMW is all over the map on tail and brake.  Especially on single wire tail lights.  
tail – gray w/black stripe OR  blue w/gray stripe OR black w/gray stripe OR red/yellow/gray
brake – yellow w/gray stripe OR gray w/black stripe
left signal – blue w/red stripe
right signal – blue w/black stripe
high beam – white
low beam – yellow
ground – brown

tail – orange
brake – white
left signal – gray/pink
right signal – brown/yellow
ground – black

tail –  blue
brake –  red w/yellow stripe
left signal – violet
right signal – brown
high beam –  white
low beam – yellow w/black stripe
ground –  black

tail – brown w/ white stripe
brake – green w/red or yellow stripe
left signal – orange
right signal – light blue
high beam – blue
low beam – white
ground – solid green

tail – red
brake – blue
left signal – green
right signal – grey
high beam – red w/black stripe
low beam – red w/yellow stripe
ground – black w/yellow stripe

tail – grey
brake – white w/black stripe
left signal – black
right signal – light green
high beam – yellow
low beam – black w/blue stripe
ground – black w/white stripe

tail – blue
brake – yellow
left signal – brown
right signal – green
high beam – yellow
low beam – green
ground – black