Isolator, Indian – for Challenger / Pursuit


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Please note this page is ONLY for Indian motorcycles from 2020+  Challenger or Pursuit.

Why use an isolator?

  • Isolators quickly and correctly connect the lighting from your trailer, sidecar, trike, etc. while removing the electrical load from the motorcycle factory wiring, fuses, relays, computers, and electronics.
  • Proper isolation of electrical loads will help you not void any factory warranty.
  • Our design is a modular daisy chain of a separate sub-harness, modules, and the Isolator.
  • The advantage is that you can accommodate a 5-wire trailer, a 4-wire trailer, or swap sub-harnesses should you sell your current bike.


  • The sub-harness connects to your bike on one end and the Isolator on the other.
  • This makes the connection “Plug & Play” so you don’t have to splice.


  • The isolator is the main component.  And ours is made in the USA.  Tennessee to be exact.
  • Our Isolators are epoxy potted for weather resistance using Omron components (Omron is an OEM supplier to almost all the major automotive and motorcycle manufacturers).
  • We use the best component available for the job; in fact, Toyota uses the same relay for power window switching.

4 or 5 Wire Trailer

  • If your trailer is a 4-wire setup (has combined brake and turn signals), you will need the Sub-harness, CanBus module, 5-to-4 Converter, and the Isolator.
  • If your trailer is a 5-wire setup (has separate brake and turn signals), you will need the Sub-Harness, CanBus module, and the Isolator.


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