Ground Loop Isolator Kit




Have you installed an audio source like Bluetooth, GPS, etc, and found noise through the stereo that did not previously exist?

If the noise changes pitch with your engine’s RPM, you have a ‘ground loop’.  Typical when you power an audio device off of a vehicle.

The Ground Loop Isolator (GLI) is designed to remove hiss and alternator whine from the audio signal.   Our ground loop isolators use matched transformers and additional components to avoid losing low-end sound quality, unlike cheaper products.

Our new GLI kit is made with a 3.5mm female jack on each end and the unit is fully sealed.  Included are 3 cables to cover virtually every possible installation.

  • 3.5mm male to 3.5mm male
  • 3.5mm male to ‘Honda type’ male connector
  • 3.5mm male to ‘Honda type’ female connector

Also available: 6-foot extension cable with Right Angle Male Plug for handlebar mounting and power noise filters that can make GLI more effective in some cases.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs