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This kit covers all models except the Scout.

Isolators easily and properly connect the lighting from your trailer, sidecar, trike, etc. while removing the electrical load from the motorcycles factory wiring, fuses, relays, computers and electronics. Proper isolation of electrical loads will help you to not void any factory warranty.

Our design is a modular daisy chain of a separate sub-harness, modules and the Isolator. The advantage is that you can accommodate a 5 wire trailer, a 4 wire trailer, or swap sub-harnesses should you sell your current bike. All our electronics are made in the USA.

The sub-harness connects to your bike on one end and the Isolator on the other.
This makes the connection “Plug & Play” so you don’t have to splice.

Can-Bus Module
The turn signals on the Indian are the reverse polarity of every other motorcycle on the market.  Our CanBus module will take the reverse power and convert it to properly trigger your isolator.  It is required in all installations.

There are 2 versions available for the Indian.

5 wire system.  The isolator is the main component. And ours is made in the USA. Tennessee to be exact.
Ours are epoxy potted for weather resistance using Omron components (Omron is an OEM supplier to most all the major automotive and motorcycle manufacturers).
We use the best component available for the job; in fact, Toyota uses the same component for power window switching.

4 wire system.  If your trailer is a 4 wire setup (has combined brake and turn signals), you will receive a special isolator that has the converter built-in.  Unfortunately, with the current CanBus that Indian has changed to, we are currently unable to offer our usual 5 to 4 converter option.
How do you tell if you need this special version? Look at the wiring plug on your trailer – does it only have 4 wires? If yes, then it’s required.
Our converter will work with LED lights since it is active electronics.

Note:  Polaris made changed to the CanBus portion of the lighting in 2017 and is updating bikes when brought in for service.  When using the previous 5 to 4 converter under normal conditions, your bike will not throw any codes.  If you activate the hazards, the bike will create a ‘ground fault’ code.  When you turn the hazards off and power cycle the ignition (turn key off and then back on), the code will clear out after flashing a few times to indicate there was an issue.  Unfortunately, due to the design of the lighting system, there is no way around this.  The Indian software update from 2017  will make older versions of our converter throw a code.

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