Honda GL1800 Trunk / GL1500 Fairing 12 Volt Power Plug/Port/Socket




Create a power outlet for your cell phone, radar detector GPS, etc.
OEM quality plastic housing to prevent short circuits and rust, unlike metal units.
Accepts all-male cigarette lighter type connectors (will not operate cigarette lighters).
Sealed cover for protection from water.

Available in 4 models;

Universal – p/n 02203
GL1800 Fairing “Plug & Play” (5 amps max) – p/n 02205
GL1800 Trunk (5 amps max) / GL1500 Fairing (2 amps max) – p/n 02208 “Plug & Play”
ST1300 (requires Hondaline Quartet Harness for use – not included)- p/n 02209.

Made in USA.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs