Honda GL1200 Stator Coil Charge Harness


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We had a customer bring us his 85LTD for some wiring and lighting.
We were to install a customer-supplied harness that was supposed to improve charging and reduce resistance.
We opened the package that the harness was in and immediately put it back in.
The harness consisted of incorrect gauge wiring that was sloppily assembled.
There was no way we were going to install that harness, so we made our own.

The photo might not be much, but this harness increases the gauge of wiring between the regulator and the magneto, along with multiple other functions.
We also feed the coils straight from the battery.
We (and our customer) had heard that these types of mods would increase power but never believed it until our customer called to confirm it did.

Here is a letter from a customer regarding the harness;

“Just a little note from a very satisfied customer who purchased and installed the GL1200 Stator/Coil Harness on his 1985 Gold Wing with 72,000 miles.

I am very pleased with the increase in performance given by driving the coils directly from the battery. Low end torque has increased as has the overall derivability of the bike. Plenty of power. Really happy! Great job!

The increased size of the wire going to the regulator helps I’m sure but the direct grounding cut out the whine I was getting in my intercom.

I am pleased with the results, easy to install and does everything you said it would do.”

Thanks, Dave Decker,85 GL1200A

So you may have read about a competitor and some pretty false claims made about us and this product. Click here to read the response

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