Honda GL1800 / F6B (01-17) Fairing 12 Volt Power Plug/Port/Socket




Create a power outlet for your cell phone, radar detector GPS, etc.
OEM quality plastic housing to prevent short circuits and rust unlike metal units.
Accepts all male cigarette lighter type connectors (will not operate cigarette lighters).
Sealed cover for protection from water.

Available in 4 models;

Universal – p/n 02203
GL1800 Fairing “Plug & Play” (5 amps max) – p/n 02205
GL1800 Trunk (5 amps max) / GL1500 Fairing (2 amps max) – p/n 02208 “Plug & Play”
ST1300 (requires Hondaline Quartet Harness for use – not included)- p/n 02209.

Made in USA.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs