Honda GL1800 LED High Output Aux Light Kit


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Note: this kit will only work with the 2001-2010 OEM type cowl. The hole must be round and there must be gussets on the inside of the cowl hole at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock positions. Will work with some (not all) aftermarket cowls.

It’s not often that you get more for less. But compare our LED cowl lights with the Hondaline® or Show Chrome®. In fact, let us do it for you. Click on the pics to your lower left.

All our kits include the following features:

– machined billet aluminum
– three 3 watt Epistar led array
– the deepest reaching beam you can achieve for LED cowl mounted lights

– lights mount to the cowl using a spring array design
– 2b finish, laser cut stainless steel
– lights automatically align with the holes in the cowl perfectly!

– choice of Airbag or Non-Airbag OEM switch.
– easily configure for low beam, high beam or independent operation (check local laws)
– lights plug into Honda® wiring harness

– individual replacement parts available instead of buying a complete new kit
– everything you need for installation is in the box!

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