Superflash LED Brake Light Flasher/Modulator




After driving behind a new ambulance recently, I noticed that the brake lights did 3 ‘rapid fire’ blinks….like within a second.
I knew that I had seen something (aka: it got my attention), but I was unsure what I just saw.
The next tap on the brakes made me realize what had happened….and what our brake modulator would be.

Superflash is adjustable in BOTH the speed of the flash and the duration.
You can have it create the same exact thing that I saw on that ambulance; 3 rapid-fire bursts. Or you can have rapid-fire bursts for 5 seconds.
Or just the standard blinking rate that most other modulators do; you pick the speed of the flashes and you pick how long they flash.

Superflash is designed to modulate LED lights only; incandescent bulbs cannot react quickly enough. However, it will power up 1.5 amps of a total load of LEDs!

Available in universal or a Plug and Play for the GL1800 SPOILER light (does not flash the stock brake lights in saddlebags). Universal shown with exposed adjustment controls (must be covered with included seal tape for waterproofing). 1 7/8″ x 1 1/2″ x 1/2″

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