Soft Tie Down, Extended Length




Soft ties are a great way to help secure a bike for transport.  They allow you to wrap around parts of the frame without creating damage.  And the higher you can secure, the better your leverage and less likely you are to experience a tip-over.

In order to properly tie down your 2018+ Goldwing or Tour at the front, you need a much longer soft tie.  Normally made in 12″ lengths, we sourced these with 50% more length making wrapping around the large head tube much easier.  And much safer for transport.

Bright orange color makes it harder to forget or lose.   Double stitched for extra strength.  One end looped for ease of use.

Working ratings for each soft tie;  1200 pounds working load limit, 3600 pounds breaking strength.    Sold per pair.

Made in China.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs