Euro CanBus Adapter


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This adapter is designed for late model BMWs, Ducatis, and any other European bike with a Can-BUS electrical system and a “City Light” 194 marker bulb in the headlight. It includes built-in reverse polarity protection to prevent power from going back into the bike.

Designed solely to activate a relay for driving lights, a fuse block, or virtually any other relay-powered device.

Installation is simple;

1. Remove the socket from the headlight housing.
2. Unplug the bulb from the socket.
3. Plug the circuit board into the socket from where you just removed the bulb.
4. Place heat shrink over the socket and circuit board and apply heat.
5. Plug the bulb into the new socket.
6. Using the lead coming from the socket, activate an external relay.

Made in USA.

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Weight .25 lbs