Cicada Amplifier Kits for 2018+ Honda Goldwing/Tour




Electrical Connection was the first company to offer an amp kit for the Honda Goldwing in 2002.  Things have come a long way!

Cicada Audio has a long history in car audio.  The man responsible for Cicada, Larry Frederick, also was responsible for the original branding of Audio Mobile, Coustic, and Phoenix Gold, as well as Proton car audio.  Larry also designed all Diamond Audio and Cerwin Vega Mobile products from 2011-2019 including thousands of mobile audio products, won five (5) CES Design & Engineering Awards, and holds two (2) US design patents.  Larry knows his audio and designed Cicada exclusively for the motorcycle market.

This ‘plug & play’ kit includes everything that you will need to install on your Goldwing; amp, power cable, input wires, output wires, and screwless mounting.  Nothing else but tools and time!

2 models of the amp are available;
CX150.4D.  No built-in DSP.
DSP150.4D.  Built-in DSP.  8 channels of DSP (Digital Signal Processing) control to exactly tune your amp for the best sound.  Think of it as an ‘equalizer’, but on steroids.

4 channel.
4 ohm.  70 watts RMS @ 12.5 volts,  92  watts RMS @ 14.4 volts
2 ohm.  115 watts RMS@ 12.5 volts, 152 watts RMS @ 14.4 volts.

2 channel bridged.
4 ohm.  218 watts RMS @ 12.5 volts, 300 watts RMS @ 14.4 volts.

Frequency response – 20-20,000 +/- 3dB THD < 0.5%
Operating Voltage: 8V – 16V
Total Efficiency: 79%
Damping Factor: 200
SNR: 91dB
THD + N (10% Rated Power): 0.1%
Dimensions (Inches / Millimeters): width 8.875″/225.4, height 4.0″/103, depth 1.4″/36

DSP150.4D additional specs.
DSP Crossover HPF/LPF: 0 TO 20kHz
Slope configurable 6/12/18/24/48dB
Q’s Adjustable from 0.05 – 20

Amp made in China.  Wire kit made in the USA of the finest domestic and imported components.

Please note that due to dealer agreements, this product is only available directly from Electrical Connection and not our dealer network.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs