Adhesion Promoter for Double Sided Tape Installation




This is the same material we use in house in a more friendly, single-use wipe.   Compatible with plastics and metals.

Here are steps to take to create the best possible attachment of any double sided tape installation;
1.  Always test fit your part prior to peeling the backing off or using the promoter.
2.  Wait until the temperature is higher than 70 degrees.  You can carefully use a hair dryer or heat gun to bring both surfaces to the desired temperature and don’t burn the backing or the tape!
3.  Clean the surface with alcohol.
4.  Apply the ‘adhesion promoter’.  This will help accelerate and improve the bond.  Wear gloves and avoid touching the promoter.  Only wipe where the tape will make contact – tape off areas if necessary.
5.  Wait 2 minutes, but no longer than 30 minutes to attach.

Available in a 5 or 50 piece pack.

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