7443 Red LED Replacement Bulbs




Sometimes we are not the first to market with a product.  If it can’t be made to our standards, we won’t offer it for sale.  Our 7443 bulbs best the competition in every way.


  • Our LED’s align perfectly with the light output points of a standard bulb.  So what does that mean?  The reflector in your light housing was designed to take light from a very specific output point, focus it, and create an even output with no hot spots.  Our LED bulbs have light output at the same points as your stock bulbs.  So your light is bright, even, and looks like it should.  Check out the comparison photo.
  • The entire housing is the same length as your stock bulb.  This means you can put our bulb in any housing without having to worry about hitting the lens.
  • 15 LED’s per bulb.
  • Available in standard or flashing.  The running light is shut off when the brakes are activated giving you full intensity for the most visibility, unlike other bulbs.  Flashes 5 rapid pulses in 3 cycles for approximately 3 seconds, then turns steady.  Compliant in states with motorcycle brake light modulation legislation.
  • Both versions sold in pairs.

Also available are our 7443 Smart Tek turn signal bulbs that require NO flasher replacement and our 7443 Switchback bulbs for the front.

Made in China.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs

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