7443 Amber LED ‘Smart Tek’ Replacement Bulbs




Sometimes we are not the first to market with a product.  If it can’t be made to our standards, we won’t offer it for sale.  Our 7443 bulbs best the competition in every way.

EC exclusively offers you ‘Smart Tek’ technology.

  • The bulb internally monitors its operating temperature.  When a certain temperature is reached, the bulb will automatically increase the flash rate to lower its internal temperature.
  • Should the increased flash rate not reduce the temperature to a safe level, the bulb will decrease light output by 25% to further cool and protect itself.
  • These bulbs DO NOT require you to replace the flasher.  Save time, money, and get a brighter bulb!


  • Our LED bulbs have been tested to not create noise in your audio system and are the correct size so no drilling out the housing for proper fitment.
  • 32 SMD LEDs per bulb (24 amber and 8 white).
  • Sold in pairs.

Also available are our 7443 Red LED bulbs, 7443 Switchback bulbs for the front, and our T10 for license plate applications.

Made in China.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs

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