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How to properly activate a battery.

This applies to the standard lead type battery that you add the acid to. Why is this important? Well, these batteries have a memory. If you dump the acid in and throw a quick charge on it, you might as well take $20 out of your pocket and set it on fire. That battery will never have a ‘full’ charge. Here is how you do it right.




First, get the tools you are going to need. You will be playing with acid, so have some safety glasses. Make your mom proud. Also get out a good quality trickle charger. I’m using one from Kisan Technologies.

Remove the foil strip.

Now you can see the fill ports. Note they are pointed. That’s so they will pierce the foil on the acid container.

Pull off the plastic cover, but hang on to it. That’s what you use to seal the fill ports later on.

This shows the foil seals after being punctured. I forgot to get a pic of the before. Just imagine foil covering the hole.
Oh…DO NOT puncture the foil. The battery will do it in the next step.

Place the acid container over the fill ports. Make sure you have your safety glasses on. Now gently push the acid container down puncturing the foil. Let the acid drain. Sometimes you need to lightly squeeze the acid container.

Once all the acid is in, cover the fill ports with a wet paper towel.

Attach your trickle charger. Leave it alone until your charger shows its done. That’s it. Now it’s a waiting game.
Once your charger turns green, shuts off, sends you a text or whatever it does to indicate you are fully charged, throw on some gloves and remove the paper towel (there will be some acid on the paper towel).

Install the black sealing cap that was on your acid container. Safety glasses. Don’t forget em.

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