Polaris Slingshot Alarm System


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Note: current design does NOT plug into the 2018.  We are working on an update.

A 100% Plug & Play alarm that fits all years of the Polaris Slingshot. But it’s much more than an alarm….

First, since your Slingshot does not have a dome light, we have intelligently added lights that not only illuminate the cabin, but also the ground on both sides. They automatically come on for 60 seconds when you press unlock on the remote.

Once the alarm is armed, the engine is disabled. Rather than have you go to the ignition switch, we used the clutch switch. If the ECM does not see the clutch depressed, the engine will never start. This is effective even if someone successfully breaks the ignition with tools.

Two 4 button remotes are included. The remotes have a metal frame giving them a better feel and protection from being dropped or damaged. Up to 4 remotes can be programmed to one receiver.

Dual zone shock sensor is unaffected by temperature and other conditions like a proximity sensor can be. A light impact will cause the siren to quickly chip 5 times. A heavy impact will sound the siren and flash your lights for 60 seconds. Shock sensor deactivates after 5 times and resets after alarm is rearmed.

Speaking of light flashing, our harness gives you plug & play installation right in the dash. Your lights will flash once for armed and twice for disarmed.

The receiver gives you an LED to indicate status of the alarm. There is also a ‘valet switch’ to over ride the alarm, to activate functions and program remotes.

Stainless steel hood pin switch keeps your engine compartment secure. Alarm is immediately activated if someone pops your hood.

6 tone siren chirps when you arm and disarm. Don’t want the siren to chirp? You can do that right on the remote.

Included in your kit; receiver, two 4 button multi-function remotes, two stage shock sensor, main power connection harness, alarm connection harness, siren, two 6 watt LEDs, LED indicator, valet switch, stainless steel hood pin switch, installation instructions and a full compliment of wire ties.

Available from EC direct and www.slingmods.com

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