Honda Goldwing / Tour Fog Light Reconfiguration Harness




NOTE:  we have just been made aware this harness may not work on the 2020 Tour model.  Our local dealer does not yet have a bike on the floor for us to confirm this.  We will update as soon as possible.

This harness will allow the use of your LED fog lights when the high beams are on.
Built into the harness is a waterproof MODE switch that allows 2 operations.
.     MODE switch on ~ fog lights will be on anytime the key is on, even with high beam.
.     MODE switch off ~ fog lights will be controlled by the center dash switch and will shut off with high beam.

Designed for CanBus to not apply any additional load or create reverse polarity.
Plug & play installation at the fog light connector under the cowl and at your accessory terminal.
Due to the design of the motorcycle’s electronics, the fog light indicator in the dash will ALWAYS turn off with high beams even with this harness installed.
Check local laws regarding use of the harness.
Not for use with Rivco Driving Lights.  Electrical Connection, Hondaline, Show Chrome and Pathfinder are well under the 5 amp max load.

Made in the USA.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs


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