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Somewhere in my travels, I received a decal to slap on the front of my helmet asking do-gooders to not remove my helmet in the event of an accident. When I bought a new helmet, I needed a new decal and could not find one to save my life (no pun intended). Since we have an incredible decal guy that we work with, he fixed my problem. I thought that some of my riding friends might like these as well, so we did a whole bunch of them.

It’s shown here on a blue background. The actual size is 2 3/8″ wide and just under 1/2″ tall.

These are free…no charge…gratis. But there is a catch of sorts (isn’t there always?): If you are ordering from us, click the “add to cart” below and we will get this in your order. If you are not ordering, send a self-addressed stamped envelope indicating quantity to:

Electrical Connection Helmet Decal
3300 Rifle Range Rd, Suite A
Knoxville, TN 37918

Please, limit 4 per person…..thanks.  Just some small way to say “Thank You” and that we are always thinking about safety (and you).

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