Battery Connection Extenders


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The Extenders have several uses.

First, the Extenders remove all connections on your battery terminal, except for one. Cleans up your terminals.

For bikes where the battery is not in an easy-to-access location, you can now create a new connection point in a more convenient location under the seat. Also useful should you ever need to jumpstart (check current requirements for your bike).

The Extenders come with 5′ of high strand count 10 gauge wire, 40 amp fuses, and an assortment of rings for your connections. Shorten the main wire as needed and crimp the supplied ring terminal for connection to your battery. Removable covers. Includes a pair, one red wire, one black wire.

The small size makes them easy to hide. Built-in slots allow the Extender to easily be secured to the frame with supplied wire ties.

Made in USA.

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Weight 1 lbs