Turn Signal Conversion Kit – Rear – Straight In Bulb


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Think of this – your rear turn signal housings are illuminated only when the turn signal is flashing. These are dead lights the rest of the time.

Our conversion kit simply, easily, and legally:
– make those dead housings additional red running & brake lights the rest of the time.
– TRIPLE the size of your rear running and brake lights without adding any additional housings.
– do not alter the operation or components of the stock turn signals.
– shut off the red light in the signal housings when the amber signal comes on.

Other kits make your signal lights into running lights and signals, but in amber:
– ILLEGAL on any motor vehicle and much more expensive than our kit.
– NO brake lights!

No dying or replacement of the lens is required either with our kit. Not to mention that amber turn signals are much more noticeable.

The kit is comprised of two LED rings with 12 LEDs each. The pc boards are epoxy sealed after the LEDs are soldered in place to seal the board and secure the LEDs. We also include two run/brake circuits that make the rings multifunction. The rings sit on the actual bulb using a special silicone grommet designed to handle the heat your bulb creates.

Priority of illumination as follows
(first is the highest priority & overrides all others):

1. Turn Signal (amber)
2. Brake Light (high-intensity red)
3. Running Light (low-intensity red)

Click here to see the kit in operation (MPEG).

Click here to read a product review from RoadBike magazine (PDF).

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Weight .25 lbs