Jiffy Bath


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Jiffy Bath is the only electronics cleaner you will ever need (and the only one we ever use here at EC).
Fully compatible with ROHS (lead-free) and standard electronics.
It possesses a balanced ratio of cleaning solvents for lubricating and protecting ingredients.
Contains silicone oils that will not oxidize and will remain active as a protective coating and lubricating agent for years.
Universal and safe contact cleaner may be used on all rotating and sliding contacts, switches, or controls.
4 ounce can will last for years.

Safe for almost every surface, but we do recommend protecting soft rubber and painted surfaces as JB does contain some solvents.

NOTE: This product can only be shipped USPS First Class, Parcel Post, or UPS Ground. CANNOT ship Priority Mail, UPS or FedEx 3/2/1 Day, or International.

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