Honda GL1800 iPod / iPhone Music Interface Module




This module uses your handlebar controls for the CD changer to change songs and playlists. Acts as a ‘translator’ to convert Honda audio signals to ones the iPod can understand.

All new design. The module has been updated to allow you to use your USB to iPod cable specific to your device (not included). Works with both the older ‘bottom dock’ and the newer ‘Lighting’ connectors.

Works with ALL iPhone and iPod equipped with ‘bottom dock’ or ‘Lighting’ connectors.

note: due to limitations on the bike itself (not device related), the bikes radio will not display artist/title information. It will only show disc/track/time. This will be the case with any manufacturer of any iPod adaptor.

Works with 2001-2010 Honda GL1800.

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Additional information

Weight 1 lbs

Honda GL1800 ipod iphone audio interface 03130