Honda GL1800 / F6B ECM Enhancer (Stumble Stop)




The Engine Control Module (ECM) Enhancer adjusts the signal from the OEM Intake Air Temperature (IAT) sensor that is sent to the ECM. This allows the Air Temperature Correction factor that is built into your bike’s ECM to be utilized. The ECM is told that the intake air is a little cooler than it is, and the ECM will respond by injecting a fraction more fuel depending on the setting.

The ECM Enhancer controller allows you to adjust the fuel map from -4 to +10 % by selecting one of 10 settings. Included is a “stock” setting for no change.

Two improvements we have seen in testing is the removal of the ‘stumble’ and an improved engine response on acceleration.

When under constant load (constant speed), the oxygen sensor in the exhaust will make the ECM correct the fuel/air ratio back to stock. As soon as the system notices an increase in power, it switches from closed loop (oxygen sensor feedback) back to open loop (no feedback) and will correct the fuel/air ratio by the amount you selected on the controller.

The controller is installed by plugging in between the IAT sensor and the bike on top of the airbox. Installation is completely plug and play with the prewired connectors.

You can leave the device under the fairing pocket after setting, as it’s rugged and waterproof. After initial adjusting, typically you do not need to adjust it further.

It is suggested that you have the OEM shop manual for the installation of this item.

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Weight 1 lbs