Amplifier Accessories

Turn On/Off Pop Eliminator.

Does your amplifier make a "pop" thru the speakers when it's turned on or off?  We have specially designed timer circuits to eliminate it.  99% of the GL1800's will not need these eliminators. p/n 03114 $24.95

Bass Blockers

Speakers smaller than 6" don't have enough cone surface area to reproduce frequencies below 150 hz without causing distortion.  Bass Blockers simply and effective remove these frequencies before the speaker see them.  You need one blocker per speaker.  Packed per pair.  Installs in the speaker wires.  Great for both stock and amplified speakers. p/n new $9.95

Low Voltage Detecting Trigger Device.

Amplifiers need a signal to turn themselves on.  Most motorcycle radios are difficult to access or may not have a trigger (like the GL1800).  Our Low Voltage Trigger allows you to use the speaker wire signal to turn the amp on rather than having the amp on all the time. p/n 03113 $14.95

 Honda GL1800 Amp Install Harness for Rear Speaker Input Connections.

If you are installing our amp on a Honda GL1800, we have a harness available for the rear connections to bring the signal into the amp and send the amplified signal back to the speaker harness.  You must have a rear speaker harness on the bike to be able to use and makes the rear connections on the bike "Plug & Play".  Greatly simplifies your wiring!  p/n 03112 $14.95